Never Worry About Credit Card Fraud Again

Do you check your bank statement and credit card bill every month for fraudulent charges? No?

No problem. With ClearPurchase you no longer have to give anyone your credit or debit card number when you buy something.

ClearPurchase is a revolutionary new "Push" payment system where you authorize every transaction with your existing Bank’s mobile app.

Soon to be available from banks everywhere.

The Next Generation of VISA

Think of ClearPurchase as the Next Generation of VISA*, but without the fraud.

ClearPurchase is an Interchange between Banks, facilitating transactions between them. Banks connect to the ClearPurchase Network, allowing the Banks to offer ClearPurchase to their customers.

Merchants: No New Account or Equipment Needed.
You can start accepting ClearPurchase on your existing card machines, with a small code update from your card processor. In addition, you can now accept transactions on your Bank’s mobile app.

Customers: No New Account Needed.
Use your Bank’s mobile app to pay for goods and services securely using ClearPurchase, from any of your existing accounts.

* ClearPurchase is not associated with VISA.

Partnering with Imani Bank

Banking for the Unbanked

Imani Bank provides free mobile banking for the Unbanked.

Half the adult population on this planet do not have a bank account. For them, everything is in cash. They constantly have to worry about being robbed, and are unable to save for the future.

With Imani Bank they can now keep their money safe in a free bank account. Partnering with ClearPurchase makes it possible for people to get paid, buy anything, and send money to anyone anywhere.

Launching in Africa in early 2017.

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