Banking for the Unbanked

Half the adult population on this planet do not have a bank account. For them, everything is in cash. They constantly have to worry about being robbed, and are unable to save for the future.

There are many Mobile Banks in developing countries that are trying to address this problem. They are half way there! Unfortunately not all transactions are possible, and a representative is often needed to complete a transaction, driving up costs.

ClearPurchase makes it possible for these Mobile Banks to offer every-day banking services to anyone, even if they are only earning $1 per day.

Fully Electronic Currency

The goal is to have a fully electronic currency system.

Low Cost

ClearPurchase is a fully automated system that reduces costs, making it possible for 50¢ transactions.

Transact With Anyone

ClearPurchase connects all banks together so anyone can transact with anyone else electronically.

Launching in 2017.

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